Why Choose the 8 Point Lift?

As we grow older, some people consider the possibility of plastic surgery to help combat the signs of ageing, but for many the idea of going under the knife is just a step too far. However, exciting developments in the world of aesthetics mean that surgery may not necessarily be the only option. Consultant plastic surgeon and owner of Norwich Cosmetic Clinic, Bijan Beigi, tells us more…

First of all, what causes us to look older?
As we grow older we lose elasticity in our skin and volume in the face, which draws the skin downwards. Age also causes the skin to sag and thin, particularly for middle-aged women. All this contributes to our ageing appearance.

It is at this time that some people consider a surgical face lift but this is no longer the only option is it?
Correct. At Norwich Cosmetic Clinic we have always specialised in pioneering new and innovative techniques to achieve natural results and one of our most ground-breaking procedures is the 8 Point Face Lift. Sometimes referred to as the Non-Surgical Facelift or the Liquid Facelift, the procedure is a non-surgical lift performed using a range of injectables in the mid face areas and Botox to tackle wrinkles.

How does it work?
Dermal injectables are applied with fine needles, to improve cheek structure, nasolabial folds, mouth frown, jawlines and the jowl area, combatting the soft tissue loss associated with ageing and restoring volume. Botox injections are then applied to target deep lines and wrinkles. The overall result is a natural lift to the whole face, without the need for invasive surgery.

What are the advantages of having an 8 Point Lift over plastic surgery?
Traditional face lift surgery can be aggressive and has its pitfalls, not least of which is that it requires a significant recovery period while the scars heal and your body recovers. The 8 Point Lift is far less invasive and incredibly, the results are instant, with no down-time associated with the treatment. Furthermore, not only is the 8 Point Lift more cost effective, it does not all have to be done in one appointment – the various elements of the procedure can be carried out over a period of days or weeks.

It sounds too good to be true! Is there anything we should watch out for?
As with so many things in life, the quality of the product you use will impact the result so make sure you use a reputable surgeon to carry out the procedure. Here at the clinic, either myself or my fellow Consultant Surgeon, Rachna Murthy will undertake the Lift and we use only the safest and most advanced products on the market.

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