Obagi Nu-Derm System

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is a fantastic treatment for pigmentation as it is clinically proven to help correct and improve signs of skin ageing. It is the number one physician-dispensed skincare system and it is specifically formulated to transform your complexion for beautiful, healthy looking skin.


Obagi Nu-Derm system
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The system’s products penetrate deeply into the skin, repairing damage to the skin cells and also in the deeper layers of the skin. It strengthens the skin’s cell functions, making the skin look younger and healthier.
It speeds the new cells’ progression towards the skin’s surface, resulting in softer skin, fewer wrinkles and increased skin resistance. It also diminishes local pigmentation (freckles and age-related pigmentation) and prevents new hyperpigmentation, whilst increasing the uniformity of cells in the deepest skin layer, resulting in improved skin structure and a more balanced, even complexion. In addition, it strengthens the production of collagen and elastin for stronger, less vulnerable looking skin and increases the skin’s nutritional level to promote natural hydration and circulation, generating supple, healthy and radiant skin.
You will start by meeting with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your medical history, determine your eligibility, discuss details of the actual treatment and schedule a treatment time.
The Obagi Nu-Derm System does not compare to any standard cosmetic skincare.
It improves the skin dramatically by using high concentrations of active ingredients; if necessary in combination with prescription creams (hydroquinone or tretinoin) when hyperpigmentation is the key issue.
This is a homecare treatment in which you use the products at home following a protocol given to you by your skincare practitioner. You will then have 6 weekly reviews at the clinic to ensure the protocol is working for your skin.
Depending on your personal treatment schedule (mild/normal/strong) your skin will show signs of redness, flaking, itchiness and skin sensitivity for the first six weeks. In addition, your skin will be more sensitive to sunrays, so you’ll need to use proper sun protection. All these side-effects are temporary and will disappear after about six weeks. However if you should find them too aggravating, some adjustments to your treatment protocol may be made by your skincare practitioner.
The standard protocol for using the creams is 24 weeks, this is a programme which you use at home daily to achieve the maximum effect. Early results can be seen at around 6-8 weeks, the skin texture is usually the first improvement you will notice. A maintenance protocol is given after 24 weeks for you to use to help maintain the results you have achieved.