Microdermabrasion is a mechanical skin exfoliation which uses vacuum suction and minute crystals to remove the surface layer of dead dormant skin cells. A Smart Peel exfoliation is more controllable than acid peels and produces a smooth uniform result without traumatising the skin.



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You will start by meeting with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your medical history, determine your eligibility, discuss details of the actual treatment and schedule a treatment time.
Your skin will be cleansed of all make-up, and blotted dry to make sure there is no moisture left on the skin after the cleanse. The tip of the machine is then placed on the forehead for treatments to begin. We advise that you keep your eyes closed as we do not want any crystals to fall into the eyes. The whole face and neck is treated, as long as there are no contra-indications. You may require a second pass over certain areas but your practitioner will assess the skin throughout the treatment to ensure it is comfortable. Once the treatment is complete, the excess crystals are removed using a bristled brush and serum, moisturiser and sun protection are then applied.
With microdermabrasion there is very little or no downtime. The skin will appear pink initially but settles relatively quickly. If your skin tends to be more sensitive the pinkness may last for a few hours. It will feel tight and tingly but this is normal and regular application of moisturiser will help to ease this. We do advise no make-up or very little mineral make-up be applied after treatment, allowing the skin to breath.
We recommend treatments monthly to ensure the regular exfoliation of the dead dormant skin cells. This treatment can be used alongside other treatments to achieve accelerated results.