dermalux led phototherapy

(for acne, oily skin, open pores, facial redness and flushing)

We offer LED phototherapy and skin peels for acne/oily skin.


Dermalux led phototherapy

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The Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment is a non-surgical skin treatment that uses the power of natural light by energising cells to repair faster. It is especially beneficial after laser resurfacing treatments as it reduces the redness, calms the skin and is a great antibacterial treatment also helping to prevent future breakouts. Wavelengths such as RED, BLUE and Near Infra-Red are used individually and in combination to give your skin the best results.
The treatment is absolutely pain-free and has been clinically proven to be suitable for all skin types. It is relaxing and excellent for improving the appearance of a tired skin leaving it plump and radiant. It also helps to reverse the signs of ageing as the LED technology helps clear all blemishes and heals sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis.
You will start by meeting with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your medical history, determine your eligibility, discuss details of the actual treatment and schedule a treatment time.
Your skin will be cleansed prior to the treatment and you will be given goggles placed for your eyes due to the lights being very bright. The light panel will be placed over the area required for 20 minutes in which time you simply lie there and relax. This treatment is also very good to promote the feeling of wellbeing and relieves the stresses of everyday life. You may feel a slight warmth and tingle when under the lights. Once the time is up your practitioner will apply some rejuvenation serum and sun protection ready for you to carry on with your day.
This can vary with age, skin type and condition. With LED phototherapy the results are cumulative and improvement will continue even after the treatment has stopped. Treatments taken in quick succession will achieve optimum results and maintenance treatments may also be recommended.