co2 laser resurfacing

(face/neck skin resurfacing)

Fractional Co2 laser resurfacing is a treatment that uses a matrix of laser light points that vary in intensity, depending on your skin type and desired results. This treatment is proven to enhance skin tone, and texture and smooth out lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Treatments can be mild or aggressive, based on the extent of the rejuvenation you are looking for.


CO2 Laser (areas available - eyes, mouth, full face, neck, face & neck, décolletage and neck & décolletage)
From £250

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The latest technological advancement in the field of laser resurfacing is the use of light beams that are either pulsed or scattered at a very high rate. This minimises heat damage that the skin might otherwise be exposed to. It also allows a more powerful Co2 laser to be used for deeper tissue removal and help to stimulate and remodel collagen for more effective improvement of pronounced wrinkles and creases. This technology allows the laser skin resurfacing treatment to provide some of the most dramatic, age-defying results possible. Areas that can be treated using Co2 laser are around the mouth, eyes, or over the entire surface of the face.
You will start by meeting with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your medical history, determine your eligibility, discuss details of the actual treatment and schedule a treatment time.
You will be invited into the clinic one hour prior to your treatment to have some anaesthetic cream applied to the areas where you are having the procedure. This helps to make the treatment more comfortable for you. Before the treatment begins, the cream is removed and the skin is thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic to ensure all remnants are gone and the skin is clean and fresh. Goggles are then applied over the eyes to ensure your safety as a laser is being used and all precautions must be taken. The treatment takes around 20-30 minutes.
After treatment the skin is cleaned and cool packs applied. Once the skin is more comfortable, antibiotic cream, aloe vera and sun protection is applied. You will be given aftercare to use daily at home and assist the healing process. Your skin will be pink and feel like mild sunburn and you may have flaking skin a few days after. The pinkness usually takes around 3-7 days to settle depending on the depth of the treatment you have received.
This procedure does require downtime as it is a deeper level of treatment. Usually the skin settles around 3-7 days. Pinkness will fade each day and the sunburnt feeling usually settles by the following day. It is important that you use the aftercare provided by your practitioner to ensure the optimum results, including long-term use of a high sun protection factor.
Generally the skin quality will start to improve after the first session. However the lines, wrinkles and scars will take longer as the collagen remodelling does not happen overnight so with time and more treatments, these areas will improve. A course of treatments is required to achieve the maximum effect.