co2 laser ablative

(mole or lump removal)

Unwanted facial and body skin lesions can have an impact on our everyday life. Whether it’s a big brown mole or a tiny skin tag they can be removed using our Co2 laser.


CO2 Laser (mole or lump removal)
From £350

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Using a laser beam as a cutting tool, it has never been easier to remove unwanted lesions that appear on the face and body. The treatment is recommended as there is a chance for most skin lesions to turn into nasty growths so it is advised to get them removed. Co2 laser removal works by ablating the lesion, causing the skin cells to evaporate. By lasering the lesion down to the root, we can be sure that the lesion will not regrow.
You will start by meeting with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your medical history, determine your eligibility, discuss details of the actual treatment and schedule a treatment time.
Firstly, the area around the mole is numbed using local anaesthesia. After that, a CO2 laser is used for excising the pigmentation of the mole. The pigment will then be cleared away by your body’s natural healing mechanism.
When the area heals, a scab will form where the mole used to be. This scab will fall away on its own after a while. Right after the procedure, the area will take a darker tone. It will remain this way for a few days but you can easily mask this discolouration using make-up.
After the laser mole removal procedure, you must protect that area of the skin from sunlight at least for a few weeks and it is very important that you wear a high sun protection factor on a daily basis to protect the new skin. You will be given some antibiotic cream to use on the area for a few days after treatment.
The only downtime is initial swelling from the injection which usually settles after a few hours. You may have a small bruise from the site of injection which can be covered with make-up. The area in which the lesion has been removed will form a scab so this can take up to 2-3 weeks to fall off and you will be left with pink skin which will fade over time to slightly paler than the surrounding area. Again, this can be concealed with the use of make-up.
The treatment is carried out in one session however you will have a check-up/review around 4-6 weeks later and if more treatment is required it will be done on the day. Although rare, if a lesion is very large and deep, it may need a touch-up.