Top Tips for Anti-Ageing Skin Care

With the country on lock down as we collectively tackle the Coronvirus pandemic  and with only essential travel permitted, it will be increasingly difficult to get the skin care products you need. So we thought that rather than a skin hero for this month, we would offer some anti-ageing skin care tips, which you can do everyday from home:

  1. Hydrate your skin from the inside out – this is easy to do as you just need to increase your water intake. Not only great for your skin but has so many other health benefits as well.
  2. Stay out of the sun! The sun is your skin’s enemy, so unless you have a very high spf, stay out of the sun!
  3. Do not rub or pull on your skin. This can drag and age your skin.
  4. Use a gentle cloth to wash your face. Do not be too abrasive and use upward strokes when washing.
  5. Apply a rich moisturiser and eye cream every night. Obviously, you will need to use your regular product sparingly until such time as you can get fresh supplies, but whenever possible always make sure you moisturise at night.