Top Reasons to Wear Sunscreen

Here at Norwich Cosmetic Clinic, we very often send out social media reminders to wear a good sunscreen, but with the glorious weather we are enjoying this week it is worth remembering why it is so important…

  1. Most importantly, it decreases your risk of developing skin cancer.
  2. It protects against premature ageing and slows down the development of wrinkles ie it keeps you looking young!
  3. It can help prevent brown spots and skin discolorations.
  4. It is important to wear sun protection whatever your skin type. Even if you don’t burn easily sun damage can still occur.
  5. It’s easy! There was a time when it was greasy and disgusting to apply but there are some fantastic products out there including Obagi and Sunsense, which we sell here at the Clinic.
  6. Sunscreen can help hydrate your skin as many sunscreens today contain moisturising ingredients.

And if you think you are safe inside, think again! Plane and car windows do not protect against UVA rays, which also penetrate the skin deeper. So you can still get sunburn even inside.

Finally, we will leave you with a reminder that it is important to wear sun protection every day – not just when the sun is shining, as you can still suffer sun damage and burning on a cloudy day.

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