The Eyes Have It!

Jane Woolston is an expert in semi-permanent make-up and boasts over 35 years’ experience. So we are delighted that once a month Jane comes to Norwich Cosmetic Clinic to deliver her outstanding service to our clients.

We caught up with Jane to find out more about what she does when she is at the Clinic:

What areas of the face do you work on?

I specialise in the face – eye brows, eye liners and lips.

What is the typical age of your clients?
I work on people of all ages but I tend to see more mature clients. There is a real trend in young people today for very obvious make-up application, whether permanent or otherwise, and that is not what I do. I see my role as enhancing someone’s natural appearance, not making them look entirely different. Looks are so important and I don’t mean from a vanity perspective – as we age, inevitably our bodies and our faces will show signs of that ageing and for many that is a real blow to their confidence.

Why might someone choose to have semi-permanent make-up applied?

There are lots of reasons. Some people don’t feel confident applying their own make-up but obviously can’t have a make-up artist visit them every morning, so the semi-permanent option makes more sense. For some of my clients, it is a time-saving exercise – not having to apply eye make-up can save precious minutes in front of the mirror before leaving for work in the morning. I also see some more mature clients, who perhaps can’t see in the mirror so well because of their eyesight. In addition, I see clients who have lost their natural eyebrows due to cancer treatments or alopecia. It is particularly rewarding to work with these clients to give them back the look that they lost and the confidence that comes with that.

Do you ever steer a client away from a certain look?
Certainly, I have done. If someone comes in and wants something when my experience tells me that another option would work better for them, I carry out a thorough consultation and try to guide them to something which would better suit their face shape. I see my age and the number of years I have been in practice very much as a benefit in this respect – you need life experience to understand people and you need confidence in your own ability in order to make these decisions.

What method of semi-permanent make-up to do you use?
There are lots of different options out there when it comes to semi-permanent make-up but I choose to use a mechanical process, whereby I dip needles into pigment and apply the colour to the skin with the needle.

Is the treatment painful?
I don’t believe it is painful per se, but there is a level of discomfort. However, it has been my life’s mission to find a topical anaesthetic that works and I am delighted to say that I have finally found one that truly numbs the skin, meaning 80% of the treatment cannot be felt.

What is your favourite treatment?
Eye liner! It makes the most difference and really gives the eyes definition. I believe my role in the beauty industry is to inspire confidence – so if I can tweak someone’s appearance to help their natural beauty shine, then I feel that is a good day’s work!

If you are interested in making a booking with Jane, please call the Clinic on 01603 877470.