Lesion, Cyst & Mole Removal

Many people develop cysts, moles and skin lesions that cause them discomfort or embarrassment and can negatively impact on their confidence.

For moles or skin lesions which have recently grown in size, are bleeding or changing colour then it is imperative that you have them checked by a professional, such as your GP. However, for cysts, moles or skin lesions that are otherwise harmless it may well be possible to remove them, and this can sometimes be achieved without any traditional surgical intervention.

For example here at Norwich Cosmetic Clinic we use a CO2 laser machine. Once a treatment plan has been established, a small local injection is used to numb the area before the mole or lesion is reduced and lasered to a shallow depression using the laser device. Suspicious lesions are also sent for examination by a pathology laboratory.

Following the treatment, the site will scab and fill up with normal skin. The overall recovery time is usually between 3 to 6 weeks, to allow the area to heal up to a full cosmetic finish. A small number of people might need further treatment on week 3 if the site thickens up more than expected and as with all treatments of this nature there is a remote chance of visible scarring. However, we can usually remove the mole or lesion with minimal scarring and maximum positive impact.

More complex cysts can also be removed surgically, using local anaesthetic.

So if you are suffering with moles, lesions, warts and other lumps and bumps which you have always wished away, please do contact us here at the Clinic to discuss removal with you.