IPL – Your Questions Answered

Safely and comfortably fade the appearance of skin imperfections & brown spots…

Skin imperfections caused by the sun, and uneven skin tones caused by brown and red spots (such as rosacea, spider veins and age spots) can often be treated with the use of intense pulsed light (IPL).

The combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies precisely and safely target pigmentated lesions such as freckles and sun spots. Vascular lesions such as spider vessels and redness from rosacea are also lightened and gradually fade.

IPL is most suited to skin types 1-3 and there should be no tan/self tan present during treatment. There is little down time after each treatment, redness and swelling is likely to last 1-2 days.

We recommend a consultation and patch test before treatment so that we can discuss your individual treatment plan.