Revealing Truths

The facial aesthetics industry is still largely unregulated and, certainly at present, does not fall under CQC (Care Quality Commission) guidelines. As with any business that is not strictly regulated, this can result in misleading advice and in some cases mis-selling when it comes to recommending treatments to clients.

To put it into context, there are more than 200 different types of injectables currently available on the market and they vary significantly in both quality and price. In addition, out of this number, only a handful are suitable for rejuvenating the face.

So, in the first instance, you need to be certain that the injectable your practitioner proposes for your facial treatment is appropriate for this area. As with any professional, there are varying views as to what is best for facial rejuvenation and this can influence what your practitioner will use, but sadly some clinics and individuals can be influenced to use certain injectables which we would not recommend.

We know that in today’s competitive market, along with challenging times and economic uncertainty, price is always going to be a significant factor when making any purchase, but if you are considering facial aesthetics, we strongly urge you to make a decision based on quality. Please consider that if your practitioner is offering injectables at a much lower price than its competitors, the likelihood is the experience and the product they are using will reflect this. It stands to reason that the type of injectables that are most suitable are manufactured by reputable medical companies with years of experience and product testing and this will naturally impact on the cost.

To achieve a good result with facial injectables, it is critical that a product suitable for the area is used, as without this the required outcome cannot and should never be guaranteed. So, when you are doing your research, ensure that your practitioner uses hyaluronic acid-based injectables without particles. The advantage of these injectables is that they rejuvenate the skin whilst adding volume. It is also important to note that if you do not like the outcome for whatever reason, this type of injectable can be removed with an injection of hyaluronidase.

Finally, it is worth remembering that choosing the right practitioner is also important. We would always recommend using a doctor, preferably a surgeon, who will have extensive medical and cosmetic (aesthetic) experience. Obviously, a facial surgeon will provide you with the best result. However, once again, you must bear in mind that this kind of expertise and experience takes years to acquire and the cost will reflect this.

So, if you are considering facial rejuvenation, please do your homework and ensure that you make a decision based on product and professional – not just price!