Perfect Products

Here at Norwich Cosmetic Clinic our aim is to offer our clients a complete skin care solution, so we have worked hand-in-hand with leading skin care experts to develop our own range of products.

Our Rejuvenation Serum is a daily-use high potency lifting and tightening serum with hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin and antioxidants, including Vitamin C, to lift and tighten. Used regularly, the serum promotes the production of collagen and increases cell turnover, leaving the skin looking and feeling firmer and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles reduced.

For weekly use, our Diamond Exfoliator includes finely ground diamonds for really deep skin renewal; the crushed diamonds gently remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh, luminous skin. With antioxidant Vitamin E for added moisture, used two or three times a week this highly effective exfoliator visibly improves skin texture and tone.

Composed of marine extracts and polypeptides to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes with transresveratrol and rice bran peptides to reduce dark circles, our Luminous Eye Repair will delicately repair the appearance of dark circles and lines around the eyes. Whilst our Ultra-Moisture Boost will help turn back time with powerful stem cells extracts from apple and active ingredients from laminaria and porphyra algae, meaning that even the driest complexions will appear renewed, rejuvenated and radiant.

We have deliberately developed our products so that they are suitable for all skin types, so if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, we challenge you to try this new skin care routine.