8 Point Lift – A Game Changer!

Natali visited the Clinic to speak with Mr Beigi about how he could help her achieve a younger look. She also wanted to find out if anything could be done about the affects Muscular Dystrophy has had on her face. The treatment Mr Beigi offered and subsequently delivered here at Norwich Cosmetic Clinic was the pioneering 8 Point Lift – ie a non-surgical face lift. We caught up with Natali who kindly told us about her experience and what she thought about the treatment…

What was it about your face that made you consider having the Eight Point Face Lift? Was there a particular area of your face which you weren’t happy with?
At 49 I felt it was the perfect time for me to have the 8 point face lift.  I could see where gravity was starting to take a hold and my skin had begun to sag down. It was also very apparent that I had lost volume over the years.  I looked tired and worn out.

You have Muscular Dystrophy – do you think that has impacted your appearance over the years?
Absolutely.  The muscles are weakening in my face.  I am losing the ability to smile and cannot suck through a straw.  The sides of my mouth were a particularly problematic area for me and were very downward facing.  I felt it had become very noticeable.

You began with a consultation with Mr Beigi – was he helpful?
Mr Beigi was amazing. He listened to my concerns and knew all about my illness.  He took great care in documenting my face before we began the treatment and took a long time talking to me, explaining the procedure and the benefits, how it would feel during the process and any follow up care I would need.

So you went into the treatment fully understanding what treatment you were being given and why?
Yes, I felt extremely relaxed before the treatment and couldn’t wait to get started actually!  I felt like I was in very safe and capable hands and had no concerns as all my questions had been answered thoroughly.  I was also very reassured by the presence of Mr Beigi’s lovely assistant Jo, whose calm and friendly presence made me feel very at ease too.

Talk us through the process of being given the Eight Point Lift.
It was completely straightforward. Jo helped me to lie down and then cleaned my face while Mr Beigi prepped what he needed, all the time talking to me and explaining what he was doing at each stage, so I didn’t feel nervous or concerned at any stage.

Was the treatment itself painful?
I didn’t find the treatment painful but I was very relaxed and both Jo and Mr Beigi reminded me to breathe through it.  Jo was also on hand if I wanted a literal hand to hold but I felt fine.

Was there any bruising or after effects? What was the recovery time?
There was no bruising or after effects.  It was incredible as the results were instantaneous. There was also no recovery time.

What were your expectations of the lift? Did you expect a dramatic transformation or did you want something more subtle?
I definitely wanted something subtle. I just wanted to make the best of / enhance what was already there, what I already had.  I wanted to make the best of myself while at the same time looking relatively good for my age. I didn’t necessarily want to look younger, although I did afterwards, I just wanted to look like I’d had a really great two weeks in the Maldives!!

Were you pleased with the results physically?
I was absolutely ecstatic with the results and could see them instantly, as soon as Mr Beigi handed me the mirror to explain what procedures he had carried out and to what areas of my face.

Do you think it has helped with any symptoms of your MD?
It has definitely, 100 percent improved my visible symptoms of MD.  My mouth no longer sags down and when I compare the before and after photos I am quite shocked at just how different I now look, and how bad it had become prior to this treatment.

Has it had a positive impact on you emotionally as well?
Emotionally I am much more confident and feel I can face the world head on.  I don’t feel as if people are studying my downturned mouth and facial features when I talk to them anymore.

Were you comfortable with your overall experience in the clinic? Would you recommend Norwich Cosmetic Clinic to others?
I would and have many times over recommended the NCC to friends and strangers since this procedure.  In fact I cannot recommend Mr Beigi and his team highly enough.  Their knowledge, skill and professionalism was second to none.  I would say you need to be extremely careful with who you chose to entrust a facial procedure to and I would absolutely do this again, or any other procedure with Mr Beigi.

Three months on, are you still pleased with the results?
Three months on I am ecstatic with the results and don’t know how I lived without it!!  Its honestly been a game changer.

Would you recommend an Eight Point Lift to anyone else?
I would say to anyone feeling how I did, go for it. Unlike a surgical face lift, this is painless, requires no down time and has instantaneous results, which are just as dramatic as going under the knife. How amazing that a face lift has now become a walk-in day treatment requiring no recovery time! The wonders of modern medicine!